x 5 'Maxi Globe' Pendants by RAAK Amsterdam - Cadmium

5 ‘Maxi Globe’ Pendants by RAAK Amsterdam

Netherlands, 1965

Very nice 'Maxi Globe' pendants by RAAK Amsterdam in excellent condition. Grey fume glass. Brass hardware. The lamps can be used as flush mount or as hanging lamp. Black cord. The Amsterdam RAAK lamp factory was founded in the mid-1950s by Carel Lock Horn. He was a former Philips employee. The RAAK Amsterdam company was one of the most famous lamp manufacturers in the Netherlands. From now on all large and fragile overseas transports from Cadmium will be handled by the Tramo Group. Tramo is the industry leader in the international distribution of high-end furniture, art and furnishing components. They have the perfect combination of means of transport, passion for beauty and a highly skilled and professional staff that guarantee a work of great quality, fully respecting customers and the high value of the goods handled.
Designer Raak Amsterdam
manufacturer Raak Amsterdam
model Pendat
Design Period 1965
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
Materials Glass, Brass
Measurements 23 x 35 cm (DxH)
Price On Request
Raak Maxi Globe Raak Maxi Globe Raak Maxi Globe

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